Win a $15,855 Package This Sunday for Blockbuster 2018 PCA!

The PokerStars Caribbean Adventure has always been more than just a poker festival.

As the kickoff to the poker year for the past decade it’s been a celebration of the game, a celebration of hard-earned camaraderie among grinders (both live and online) and, truly, a celebration of the poker life.

As PokerStars has revealed over the past few months the 2018 PCA will return with a bang this January — and you still have a chance to be a part of it.

Return to PCA of Old

PokerStars has revamped the 2018 PCA festival with, among other things, a return to the original $10k buy-in for the Main Event.


It also added a number of promotions to enable as many players as possible to make the trip to the Bahamas.

As of this past weekend hundreds of players have already qualified online for the main event and this coming weekend will see the last chance for a lucky few to book their seats on a plane and in the Main.

The main way is to grind through the final Main Event direct satellite. This is a $530 NLHE tournament that will run on December 17 at 2:35 PM ET/8:35 PM CET.

Depending on the number of buy-ins a number of top finishers will all get 2018 PCA packages.

Packages are worth $15,855 apiece and will get you the ME buy-in, full accommodation, travel expenses and pocket money.

5 Levels of Satellites

There are also five different levels of satellites you can enter to make it to that direct qualifier.

They run with buy-ins of $109, $55, $16.50, $5.50, and $1.10. There are a lot of them in the lobby under the live events and/or satellites tab.

But there is also a side way to the PCA. You can find it in the Spin and Go area of the lobby.

Play the $27.50 buy-in level and they have surprise prizes from $55 tournament tickets all the way up to a full $16k PCA prize package.

“I will tell you from my own experience,” says PokerStars Team Pro Felipe Ramos, “because that’s how I started to play in live events. Play the $530 satellite. This gives you a real shot at the prize package.”

“Try to satellite into the direct qualifier with a buy-in according to your bankroll, so you have several shots. Try the $55 or even lower, any of these gives you a realistic chance.”

2015 PCA

$50k Player Giveaway

PokerStars has also added some additional prizes for anyone to win. Win a share in the $50k Player Giveaway, for example.

This is a lottery giving away $5,000-$20,000 to six different players at the PCA.

Every time you enter an event before the end of Level 1 you’ll get five tickets. There are more tickets to be won by making the money or finishing on the bubble.

The buy-in level has no influence on the number of tickets you get. You can also get them by getting certain hands in cash games.

At the end of the adventure there’s a $50k Freeroll awaiting you! Everybody who enters any PCA event is eligible to play for the $50k prize pool. The freeroll runs on January 14.

If you make the final table of any official PCA event you’ll add an iPad, a GoPro, a digital camera or something similar to your prize.

Kevin Hart IMG 4360

There’ll be even more rewards and promotions live on-site and you’ll even get the chance to meet sports icon Usain Bolt and Hollywood comedian Kevin Hart.

A Poker Trip to Remember

The 2018 Caribbean Adventure takes place January 6-14 with 30 events including, of course, the main event.

But the Atlantis Resort is no ordinary poker location. You’ll stay on pretty much a private island that has white-sand beaches, pools and a wide range of water slides at your disposal – some of which are not for the faint-hearted.

The Atlantis is a maritime museum, a beach club, an international food court, a whole collection of bars and a big casino that can get as busy as some on the Strip in Vegas.

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1 Button "big blind"
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