Win a $30k Platinum Pass for $25k PokerStars Championship!

The two hottest topics at the ongoing PokerStars Championship in Prague this week?

The return of the “old” PokerStars tournament brands and the introduction of a new high-roller event that will change high-roller events as we know them.

Yes, PokerStars is bringing back the iconic European Poker Tour and its other regional brands.

On top of that the new $25k Players No-Limit Hold’em Championship will be a pinnacle event for the poker “everyperson.”

EPT, APPT, LAPT are Back!

It’s been called a “controversial subject,” but it really wasn’t.

leon tsoukernik ept13 prague shr champ

Long live the EPT!

Nexos Pokerkoffer 1000 Chips Laser Pokerchips Poker Komplett Set Koffer aus Aluminium mit Schnallenschloss + Schlüssel 11g Chip mit Metallkern inkl. Kunststoffkarten und weiterem Zubehör

Nexos Pokerkoffer 1000 Chips Laser Pokerchips Poker Komplett Set Koffer aus Aluminium mit Schnallenschloss + Schlüssel 11g Chip mit Metallkern inkl. Kunststoffkarten und weiterem Zubehör

When PokerStars announced the end of the EPT brand at what was called “the last EPT ever,” we couldn’t find a single player who thought is was a good idea – at least not one who wasn’t wearing a PokerStars patch.

Although it was understandable that the market leader in the world of poker was trying to find a more universal approach to live poker, the decision to eradicate the most powerful brand in poker outside the WSOP was met with skepticism.

Exactly one year later things are going back to where they were. The European Poker Tour brand is back and so is the Latin American Poker Tour and the Asia-Pacific Poker Tour.

All the stops haven’t been officially announced but Sochi, Monte Carlo, Barcelona and Prague will definitely be on the EPT schedule for 2018.

The New PokerStars Players Championship

The new “Players No Limit Hold’em Championship” is by far the biggest innovation of the week and PokerStars isn’t holding back in promoting it – $9 million added, anyone?

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Nexos Casino Tisch Profi mit LED Beleuchtung Pokertisch Glücksspiel Spielhalle massiv

What to know about the new Players Championship:

  • It’s a $25,000 buy-in tournament played live for the first time at the PCA in January 2019!
  • There will be $1,000,000 added for first place.
  • There won’t be any rake

But that’s not all. PokerStars will add another $8 million of value in hopes of making the inaugural PSPC a smashing success.

how to win a platinum pass

300 Platinum Prizes to Win!

“Platinum Pass” is the title that’s been given to the prize packages that include the buy-in, hotel accommodation and travel expenses. Every Platinum Pass has a value of $30,000.

Over the course of the coming 12 months more than 300 Platinum Passes will be given away. And as one of the main goals for the Players Championship is for it to be an event for all players, the majority of these passes will be given away at random.

You can win a Platinum Pass by simply playing in online or live events as well as in cash games. Now and again a table will be singled out and one of the players will be given a Pass.

There will also be Platinum Passes in some of the Stars Rewards Chests.

Not all the Passes will be just handed out randomly, though. Winning a large online tournament – let’s say in the Micro Millions, the WCOOP, or the upcoming Winter Series, can get you a Platinum Pass.

If you’re going to play live at one of the following events – the Italian Poker Open in Italy, the PSL in Macau, the PCA, or the PokerStars Festival in London – you might also be the lucky winner of a Platinum Pass.

2015 PCA

Fun begins in Bahamas!

Note: There will not be any special satellites for the PSPC!

5 Platinum Passes at 2018 PCA

The first two Platinum Passes have been given to the two players who simultaneously bubbled the PSC Prague Main Event.

“We’ll carry on with giving five Passes away at the PCA,” said PokerStars ambassador Daniel Negreanu to PokerListings.

“Then we’ll do something for the WCOOP, for the SCOOP, for Deepstack events like $11 tournaments. It’s going to be a wide spectrum of people and it won’t be based just on winning.”

“The Platinum Passes are giveaways; they’re free, there’s no money that you need to risk to get one. It’s based on participation, it’s great value for everyone and it’s a tournament that nobody wants to miss.”

You shouldn’t miss it either so get your own PokerStars account through PokerListings and start playing now!

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